Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Basic Facts Test

I am testing how quickly I can remember my Basic Facts.

I need to remember my Basic Facts because they are the
knowledge I need to help me with strategies
to solve
Maths problems.

Today my result for prototect was 31/60
and on Monday my result was 26/60.

Today I could have got another score but I pressed the wrong button. I tried to fix it but it went to the next question. I got a higher score because I tried grouping with hundred's and I only answered two. I got them right because 98 + something = 100 I go the answer because it is just like 8 + 2 but with a 9 in it and that's how I got the answer. The answer I got wrong was 12- 6 I knew the answer it was 6 because 6+6 is 12 then - 6 and it is 6 and came up with the numbers 167 but it is because I was suppose to press 7 but I pressed 6 instead and 7 at the same time then I tried to fix it but it went on to the next question.

My typing Test new score!

I am practising my typing so I can be quicker and more
This will help me finish my work faster.

Today my (WPM) result was 44
on Monday my (WPM) result was 46

Today I got a new (WPM)  result !. I got a new result  because I was comfortable   and I was not tired  and I was more focused than usual.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My silent reading today.

Image result for diary of the wimpy kid dog days book
Author:Jeff Kinney

Genre: Comedies

I read from 44-66

What I read today 
The kid and the his friend get picked up by his  Nan's neighbour to do a job and then they get picked up hop in the car and then they stop at her house then they start doing there job. They get instruction's but they can not read it because it is in Spanish and then the boy started mowing the lawn but he missed some spots because there were some dog poop  then he told the lady he was done but she did not pay him he told her about the dog poop thing and she still did not take it then when he went home he told his dad then they both went to her house and his dad did the job and he did not want anything back   just like a kid act. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

My silent reading today

Image result for diary of the wimpy kid dog days book
Genre: comedy

Author: Jeff  Kinney

This is what I read today.
There is a boy and he is on summer holiday and his mum says that they are not going to the beach for holidays and his mum also says that is they save their penny's that they could go the the beach for holidays.  Then he has to go for a hair cut and then there is a man that is telling him about his new wife but his mum interrupts and he has to go home and he hopes that his hair grows so he can hear his story again. Then the next day his dad is going to work and he is still asleep and he dad called him in noon  to make sure he was a wake and the boy has his phone beside his bed to keep him awake. Then he watches T.V and his mum turned the T.V of and she told him to do something else  then he invited his friend over to go and look at his brother's summer memories. 

I read from page 0-24

Friday, February 16, 2018

My kind act for today for Lent

Today I did a little act of kindness for my Mum  and I did not want her to do the same to me. What I mean is expecting her to not make me dinner I can make my own dinner because I am 9 and I am a big boy now.

The food I made for my Mum  was a pie that was microwaved made  and with sweet chilli sauce and a drink. This is what I can make for dinner for me and I know how to use the microwave to make a pie and I also know how to make a drink. I know how to do these thing's so that my Mum can not make it for me because I am not a baby I am a grown boy know and I need to make my own dinner.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

My Lenten promise

My Learning goal is : To  write a good explanation and to do an act of kindness and to never eat what I give up for 40 days.

This is my Lenten promise is to do an act of kindness I have already blogged it. I am giving up lollies for 40 days and nights and I also give up fizzy.

My special holiday moment

                       Butterfly creek

On Saturday I went to butterfly creek  for my little nephew’s birthday.

When we got there we stayed at the entrance and took photos by the dinosaurs. Then my uncle came and took us to the party room.

Then I went and said hi to my aunt and cousins they we said a prayer and we eat some,food.Then we sang happy birthday and then my nephew blew out his candles after he blew the candles he clapped.

Then all of the kids got a whole mine craft bag of lollies then we got to the fish area  it was like it was pitch black  but then lucky there was a little bit of light. Then I went to the butterfly area and It was like I was in a desert and I saw a monkey fruit and some lizards. When I got to the  crocodiles door in  5 seconds I cooled down and I said ah that's better. Then I saw huge crocodiles a water lizard and a lizard that can camouflage. Then I ran out to the dinosaur kingdom then it had a bridge then when I looked over it was like I was in Jurassic world then I saw rhino chair and Brontosaurus and a T Rex and a dangerous raptor.

Then I went to look for our parents then I went and saw them at the cafe with my uncle and aunt. When I went to them I saw little cups full of sour lollies and original. Then my niece and my aunt's nephew  
Went to a table and eat some and had a little chat.Then my and my aunt's nephew went to see the animals  again we saw my cousins go into the farm so we  went their. When we go there we saw sheep goats bunnies chinchillas and chickens. Then we went and patted the chinchilla it had some smooth fur.

Then it was time to go home that was the best birthday party ever.

This was a fun trip to butterfly creak I really enjoyed it I loved the food and my favourite part was the train it was very calm cool and I loved the horn.