Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Special holiday moment

     Learning Goal: write about one special moment from your holidays.
Use your personal voice, describe your special moment using your senses.

                 Butterfly creek

On Saturday I went to butterfly creek  for my little nephew’s birthday.

When we got there we stayed at the entrance and took photos by the dinosaurs. Then my uncle came and took us to the party room.

Then I when and said hello to my aunt and cousins they we said a prayer and we eat some,food.Then we sang happy birthday and then my nephew bellowed out his candles after he bellowed the candles he clapped.

Then all of the kids got a whole minecraft bag of lollies then we got to the fish area  it was like it was pitch black  but then lucky there was a little bit of light. Then I went to the butterfly area and It was like I was in a desert and I saw a monkey fruit and some lizards. When I got to the  crocodiles door in  5 seconds I cooled down and I said ahhh that's better. Then I saw huge crocodiles a water lizard and a lizard that can camouflage. Then I ran out to the dinosaur kingdom then it had a bridge then when I looked over it was like I was in jurassic world then I saw rhino chair and brachiosaurus and a T rex and a dangerous rator.

Then I went to look for our parents then I went and saw them at the cafe with my uncle and aunty. When I went to them I saw little cups full of sour lollies and original. Then my niece   and my aunt's nephew  
Went to a table and eat some and had a little chat.Then my and my aunt's nephew went to see the animals  again we saw my cousins go into the farm so we  went their. When we go there we saw sheep goats bunnies chinchillas and chickens. Then we went and patted the chinchilla it had some smooth fur.

Then it was time to go home that was the best birthday party ever.

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