Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My silent reading today

Image result for The Adventures of Captain Underpants


This is what happened 
So Captain Underpants got took by robots and the robots took him to a man named Dr. Dipper and they wanted Captain underpants because he wanted to take over the world and he knew that he would save the world so he wanted to take Captain Underpants out to so the he can not save the day. So the robots went to go and steel a diamond so that they can meet with Captain Underpants and they can get him. Then Dr. Dipper gets the diamond and  puts it into a laser  machine  and get it warmed up to takeover the world then George and Harold get a doggy doo doo thing and They go fake poop and they shot it at the bottom of Dr. Dippers bottom they Dr. Dipper had to go change and while Dr. Dipper was changing George and Harold go two sticks and they did flip o rama  then they escaped 

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