Thursday, September 7, 2017

My silent reading today/Captain Underpants and the Turbo toilet 2000

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This is my book that I read today
On the picture you can see Captain Underpants in a toilet.The toilet's name is the Turbo toilet 2000. Then you can see four of the same boys. The one with the black flat hair is George and the one with the bad yellow haircut  is Harold and the big guy in that suet and glasses with the red tie  is Melvin.

What my story is about
Today I was reading  about  when George and Harold  have a really mean teacher name Mr. Krupp  and he try's to split George and Harold for missing a special test day at home sleeping. They were sleeping because they had to spend 5 day's to save the world from the Turbo  toilet  2000.

They used Melvin's Robo squid and go back in time to yesterday to fix the problem. Then they resp waned   back in Melvin's garage then they ran to school then they did their test. Then after school they went to their tree house and see yesterday George and yesterday Harold sleeping. Then George and Harold did not know what to do.Then yesterday George woke up and got his watch and screamed NOOO! WE FELL ASLEEP WE ,WE SLEETED   THROUGH OUT TEST. 

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