Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My silent reading today/ Captain Underpants and the bionic booger.

Image result for captain underpants bionic booger boy part 2
This is my book
On the picture you can see George,Harold Melvin the bionic hamster in a line like a ladder. The you can see Captain Underpants punching a bionic booger. You can also see a pretty cool back round.

This is the genres 
The firs genre is chunky action 
The second genre is drippy horror
and the third genre is crispy laffs/comedies. 

This is what happened  
So Melvin invented stuff like combining a sulu   and a robot then he tried to combing himself with a robot but then he sneezed then he combined him self with  his   boogers. Then the bionic hamster bate him up then Melvin's mum  and dad turned him back to human 

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